Glorious Gardens

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"On buying my house, my one disappointment was my small back garden with the prominence of a house blocking half my view at the bottom.  Diana brought inspiration to me by redesigning the garden to lead the eye away from the house to the trees and skyline on the other side. A small circular lawn with surrounding perennial beds made the garden look much wider; the addition of a stepping-stone path accross it to link up with the view, leading to a top planted area and seating area completed the picture.

I was delighted with the design and have had many hours of pleasure from working and sitting in the garden and viewing it from all angles."

Diana Allcock, Harpenden.

"Our small but previously neglected garden has undergone a transformation under the guidance of Diana Kingham and some hard work by her and the recommended contractor. We had an idea of what we wanted to achieve but benefited enormously from Diana's professional knowledge and experience. We are especially grateful for her enthusiasm and sensitivity to our needs."

Donald and Gillian Robertson    , Harpenden

 'My garden was a rather dull piece of land but now, under Diana's skillful management, it is a great delight, an inspiring place to be, full of warm vibrant colourand charm as the seasons unfold to reveal other hidden surprises.'

Joan Hamilton-Peters, Harpenden.